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Drip Coffee Maker

Following a long period of bean to cup machines, many coffee drinkers re-discover the filter or drip coffee. There are 4 ways to brew a filter/drip coffee:


You pour boiling water over ground coffee on a cloth or paper filter.

Melior (French Press) system

The ground coffee is placed into a coffee pod with boiling water inside. A plunger with a metal disk filter is depressed to the bottom separating the coffee grounds from the drink.


The system is used for making coffee in a bar. The water at a temperature of around 90°C is pushed with 9 bar through the coffee powder contained in the filter. This process transfers all aromatic and spicy substances of the blend into that "tiny cup".

Turkish Coffee

Boiling water is poured over a combination of very fine-ground coffee powder and fine sugar. You can drink the coffee immediately (Caution: Hot!) or when the non-soluble coffee powder has settled towards the bottom.


  • Low initial cost
  • Low cost per cup
  • Fast brewing of larger quantities
  • Low care
  • Simple technology / long service life
  • Low space requirement / portable


  • Produces drip coffee only
  • No single serve