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Filter/Drip Coffee

When making filter coffee hot water passes coffee powder and is collected in a container. The water is either gravity-fed or (light-)pressure-fed. A coffee filter prevents the ground coffee from entering the coffee container. Filters are available in two types: disposable paper filters and permanent metal filters. In private households, very often drip coffee makers with paper filters are used, which have been invented 1908 in Dresden, Germany, by Amalie Auguste Melitta Bentz.

Also popular are ceramic drippers looking like paper filters. These are put on top of a container, a paper filter is inserted, and hot water is poured over fine-ground coffee powder.

When brewing coffee using the Melior (French Press) method, hot water and coffee powder are filled into a glass cylinder. After a few minutes of steep time, a metal filter plunger having the same diameter as the glass cylinder is pressed down. The filter separates the liquid from the powder and the filter coffee is ready.

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